About us


Andrew & Cole was founded by Vincent Sidney Cole Stadelhofer and Julian Andrew Schaffner in 2016 in Zurich Switzerland. After a summer vacation in 2015, Vincent and Julian had the vision of creating their own ocean wear collection for men. It occurred to them that the selection for men was limited and that after wearing swim shorts for more than 5 hours, it became very uncomfortable. The two founders’ idea was to bring a lining to men’s swimwear which would create a new way of comfort without the net. With the help of lingerie designer Nichole De Carle (London, UK) they created the very first Andrew & Cole samples.

 Designed in Switzerland, made in Italy but inspired by Andrew & Coles’ travels.

“Wherever you are or whatever you are doing, your Andrew & Cole swim short will be an eye-catcher”.

(Vincent & Julian)


Stay classy, but salty.

It’s not just the outside, but the inside that counts. True for A&C and many things in life.


The net inside of men’s swim trunks has always been an uncomfortable part of a sunny day. After being at the beach, swimming, or doing other activities, all you want to do is get out of the swim shorts. That is why Andrew & Cole Ocean Wear has developed a lining made out of 82% Polyester and 18% Elastane. You can wear our swim trunks all day and will never have to worry about the net bothering you!

We proudly manufacture all of our swim shorts in Italy!